Watercolor Workshops Learn to draw and paint in a 2 day workshop where I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about producing artwork over the years. The first day We’ll begin with lessons on drawing, including perspective and design, and I’ll show you how to construct a better picture. After discussing the line drawing and value sketch I’ll paint a picture and demonstrate how to control the paint. The second day I’ll paint a picture in the morning so you can see what I’m doing while discussing color mixing, values and line. In the afternoon I’ll give you hands-on attention and help as you paint a picture of your choice. You will have much more confidence the next time you pick up a brush!    Click thumbnail to enlarge Call or email to schedule The workshop - 9:00 to 5:00 - is $65 per attendee and the minimum number to attend is 10. I will donate one of the pictures I paint during the workshop to the sponsoring organization.