Commissioning a Sculpture tabletop sculpture can set the mood in any room. The gesture and  distinctive shape can transform the space and complement other design elements. Maquette A maquette is a small version of a larger sculpture. Today, this small piece can be molded, cast in wax and then laser scanned to be carved in polystyrene in a larger size using computerized routers. Many of the large bronze sculptures you see today were created this way instead of the more conventional way of constructing a full size armature. ( see below ) Large Foam Sculpture These large pieces were carved in foam.  A metal frame was constructed, wrapped with chicken wire and then covered with a spray- on urethane foam. After making working drawings on grid paper from all angles, the foam was carved from scaffolding using a reciprocating saw. It was then sprayed with a hard layer of plastic followed by a texture coat and then painted.  Maquette for casino sculpture The General Sherman and Martin Luther King portraits were created for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Click thumbnail to enlarge Smaller pieces of a larger sculpture The flying rabbits were part of the design of a larger piece (see statues) but when given a base they could stand on their own. The rabbit family represents the client’s wife and family and were installed next to the statue.