Foundry Mock-up After photos and text are submitted the foundry will provide a mock-up of the plaque. Photos All photos can be emailed. If it’s a portrait, photos from all angles make a more accurate portrayal. If the sculpture needs to be designed a line drawing will be completed and submitted for approval. The finished clay sculpture will be photographed and emailed to client - any changes can be made at this time. Upon approval the sculpture will be molded, cast in plastic and sent to the foundry (one of my choice or yours) where the sculpture will be cast in bronze or aluminum. The plaque will be shipped with the appropriate mounting hardware. Commissioning a Bas-Relief  A bronze bas-relief is the traditional presentation used to honor a distinguished person or memorable event. Here’s how to order yours. Sample Bas Relief and Photo Gov. Ann Richards Plaque Austin, TX NJ Aviation Hall of Fame Teterboro, NJ HMM 164 Helicopter Plaque Roanoke, VA Rock Walk of Fame Hollywood, CA Pope John Paul ll Columbia, PA Click thumbnail to enlarge Vice Admiral Boone U.S. Navy Gen. Eisenhower Boeing Corp. Personal Monument Bishop Fenwick Plaque Madeira, OH Persian Gulf Rochelle, IL Pop Lloyd Stadium Linwood, NJ Personal Monument Country Music HOF Nashville, TN Kevin Harvick NASCAR Award